Performance Issues

My Stinger Transitions are not performing as expected. What can I do?

Having video/audio performance issues with your stinger transition can sometimes be a complicated issue.

There are a number of factors that can cause this. Generally, this is caused by high CPU or GPU usage, but can also be the encoding process bottle-necking your system.

Let's see if we can resolve the issue with the following steps:

  1. Prior to running your streaming software, right click on it's icon and "Run as Administrator. This will make sure there are no Windows processes keeping it from performing correctly.
  2. Set the Process Priority as "High" for the streaming application. In Streamlabs Desktop, you can do this in the "Advanced Settings." For other streaming software, you can do this by opening the Task Manager > Services, find the name of your streaming software, right clicking it in the list, then "Set Priority", click "High".
  3. Streamlabs Desktop - While looking at the preview window in "Editor Mode," right click next to it and enable "Performance Mode".
  4. Limit the number of un-needed applications open. having a few extra internet browsers, music applications, or videos playing can increase various system usages.
  5. Remove some of the looping animations. We all love seeing our animated logo lighting up the bottom of the stream, however, if these aren't exported correctly, or you have to chroma/color key certain portions, this can cause performance issues.

If the steps above didn't help with issue, feel free to contact us here for further assistance!


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