Importing Streamlabs Alerts

The following steps are specific to importing your Streamlabs alerts from NerdOrDIe.

In your downloaded files, open up the standard alert folder.

  1. Click the Alerts Quick Setup link to begin installing these alerts.
  2. If you’d like, choose “Create Widget Theme” and name it something appropriate such as the package name. The import link will only override your alert package. This means you can combine these alerts with any other scene collection/widgets you’ve made in Streamlabs. If you want to save your old alerts, it’s highly recommended to do this in a new profile.
  3. Select “Use” for the profile you want to import into.
  4. Navigate to “Alert Box” and copy your unique URL.
  5. Paste this URL as a “Browser Source” in your streaming software.

Once you’ve added this into your streaming software test the alerts to make sure they’re working properly.

Width and Height of Source

We generally recommend setting the size to 1920 wide and 1080 tall (more height is recommended if using messages), however, depending on your stream adjusting the size here may work better for you. If you need to scale down, you can do so directly inside of OBS Studio. If you’re using the Streamlabs OBS .overlay file, you may not need to complete this step if your alert box is already added in.

Delaying Text-to-Speech

If you’re planning on using text-to-speech you may need to delay them from being read, as there may be an intro animation and sounds (depends on the pack). To do this, you can change the Alert Text Delay in the Streamlabs base options. If you’re using alert variations (such as re-subs) you will need to update in the variations as well.

Once you’ve added this into your streaming software, test the widget to make sure they’re working properly.


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